Castlen Elementary School Library Media Center


Cheree Douglass

Phone: (251) 221-1102


The library media center is committed to providing a welcoming environment where students may achieve intellectual and personal growth. The media center staff will provide access to informational resources in a variety of formats appropriate to student development.

Working with the Castlen faculty, the media center staff will:

  • assist every student in accessing, evaluating, and using information in the achievement of classroom instructional objectives.
  • encourage every student to read, view, and listen for information and enjoyment.
  • assist every student in becoming a lifelong learner who is information literate, learns independently, and is socially responsible.

The library media center staff is committed to providing a wide variety of resources relating to personal interest, creative expression, and the pursuit of knowledge. This will be accomplished by enlisting the aid of students, faculty, and the community in the identification, acquisition, and maintenance of these resources. The library media center staff is committed to the wise use of available funding in this process as well as flexible scheduling to provide maximum access for all patrons.

According to Literacy Partners, reading, viewing, and listening for information and enjoyment are practices that form the basis for a successful and productive life. The library media center staff is committed to encouraging and assisting every student in the development of these practices in preparation for graduation from high school and his/her participation in a democratic society.




The Library Media Center hours of operation are 7:20 a.m. through 2:00 p.m.


We have one computer lab in the Media Center. Teachers schedule research times for their students to use the computer lab. Teachers bring classes in for 30 minutes a session. During this time students use technology to complete assignments.

Destiny Quest


Teachers can schedule time to bring students in for printed research to complete assignments. Teachers also may schedule time to bring classes in to check books in and out. Students may come to the Media Center on an individual basis with a pass, during their lunch break, or after school to complete assignments and check books in and out.


Mobile Public Library

Mobile Public Library






AR Home Connect

AR Home Connect

Big Universe

Big Universe



Ticket To Read

Ticket To Read

Discovery Ed

Discovery Ed

Castlen Destiny



Social Studies

First Americans
Information on the following tribes: Dine, Muscogee, Tlingit, Lakota, and Iroquois. Choose icons leading to descriptions of housing, clothes, food, leaders, land, and history.

Hymns and Carols of Christmas
What is the story behind "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and other Christmas favorites?

Virtual Marching Tour of the Revolutionary War
A summary of major battles of the Revolutionary War

Alabama Unforgettable
Links to Alabama symbols, facts, cities, historical information, etc.

Battle of Breed's Hill/Bunker Hill
A summary of the Revolutionary War battle plus links to additional information

National Archives Experience
View, read, and download the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and access links to other documents important to our nation as well as information concerning the founding fathers.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Maps of every state including relief maps, county maps, and satellite imagery

Alabama Department of Archives and History
Learn about famous Alabamians and much more at this Alabama history website.

Presidents of the United States
Learn about the U.S.presidents as well as the White House.

Presidents of the United States
Information concerning the U.S. presidents as well as the first ladies, pets, political parties, portraits, pictures, etc.

University of Alabama Map Library
Over 6,000 current and historical maps representing Alabama, the United States and the world can be found at this site.

Alabama Census and County Formation Maps
This site uses census and county formation maps to demonstrate settlement patterns and population changes from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries. The Official Web Site of the State of Alabama


Math Cats
Explore math concepts with lots of activities. Visit Polygon Playground and Tessellation Town. Create math art and animations.

Cool Math


Language Arts

Familiar characters such as Sesame Street's "The Count", Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Jay Jay the Jet Plane provide lots of interactive fun.

Classic Fairy Tales
Animation is used to retell Grimm, Andersen and other classic fairytales. This site includes games and print-out coloring pages.

International Children's Digital Library
Access hundreds of children's books from around the world.

This site provides all types of reading fun for K-1 students!!!!!!


Internet Public Library
A wide array of resources and opportunities are available at this site. Add this one to your favorites list.

FirstGov for Kids
Developed by the Federal Consumer Information Center, this site contains an abundance of sites from a variety of sources.

Alabama Virtual Library (AVL)